Health Insurance Plans in Williamson County, Texas, 2024

About an hour north of Austin’s capital is Williamson County. Many know it from its recreational areas around the San Gabriel River. Others from its floral beauty, two cities being honored with two best of titles. Speaking of the best of, Williamson County hails as one of the healthiest counties in Texas. Having health insurance can be a big component of this honor. CoverMile is here to help you find the best health insurance in Williamson County at a price you can afford. Contact us today.

CoverMile is here to help you find the best health insurance coverage in Williamson County, TX, at the lowest prices. Plans exist for as low as $0 per month with subsidies. Continue reading, and we can show you how.

2024 Health Insurance Facts in Williamson County, Texas

They say everything is bigger in Texas. This spilled over into areas like insurance. For 2023, Texas had 2.4 million enroll in the Affordable Care Act. This was the second-highest state, behind only Florida. However, Texas also topped the list of the country’s uninsured rate at 22.1 percent. The Lone Star State has held both top positions since the exchange system’s implementation.

Here are additional facts about health insurance in Texas.

  • According to a U.S. Census estimate, Williamson County has a population of 671 thousand residents. Of that, 13.3 percent are uninsured.
  • By gender, of those insured, 50.6 percent were women, and 49.4 percent were men.
  • Eighty-seven percent of consumers have access to three or more insurers in 2024. Through the Marketplace, Williamson County has access to nine insurance providers.
  • 90.4 percent of Williamson County has health insurance. 61.2 percent are on their employer’s plan, while 12.6 percent have it through non-group plans. 8.46 percent are on Medicare, 6.3 percent have insurance through Medicaid, and 1.92 percent have insurance through the V.A. or military.
  • Fifty-nine percent of consumers have access to health insurance from a national insurer; companies like Blue Cross Blue Shield and UnitedHealthcare are available to more than just a local area.
  • According to Niche, Williamson County was one of the top five Healthiest Counties in Texas for 2023. They have also been voted fifth for the best counties for families to live in.
  • The average cost of a Silver health insurance plan in Texas is $479.
  • When outside of Open Enrollment, you may qualify for Short Term Health Insurance. Some insurers offer this benefit. UnitedHealthcare is one of them.

Here are a few fun facts about Williamson County itself:

  • Williamson County, established in 1848, is named after Robert McAlpin Williamson. He was also known as “Three-Legged Willie” from a childhood accident that left him with a prosthetic leg from his knee. He was a lawyer, judge, and lawmaker serving in the Texas Congress and the Senate.
  • On May 27, 1997, an F5 tornado, the most destructive type, tore through Jarrell, Texas in Willaimson County. It was a quarter of a mile wide and traveled nearly eight miles. Twenty-seven people and over 300 cattle died that day in the 260+ MPH winds.
  • The San Gabriel River cuts across the county, making two impressive bodies of water, one of them being Lake Georgetown toward the west. The other is Granger Dam, which was built over the ancient town of Friendship. The area was prone to flooding. Instead of allowing the area’s continued destruction, they chose to build the dam and allow the river to flow freely, giving it to Granger Wildlife Area, Willis Creek Park, and Friendship Park.
  • Williamson County has a couple of cities that are known for their flowers: Round Rock is the Daffodil capital of Texas Hill Country, and Georgetown is the Red Poppy capital of Texas.
  • Sun City is a community in Georgetown that is restricted to those aged fifty-five and above. It is primarily for retirees, and its latest population was 15,700 residents.
  • Two endangered songbirds live in and around the northwestern portion of the county. The golden-cheeked warbler and the black-capped vireo make their home within the Balcones Canyonlands National Wildlife Refuge in adjacent Travis County.
  • Many movies were filmed within Williamson County, namely near Taylor, TX. Some notables are: Varsity Blues with James Van Der Beek and Jon Voight, Michael with John Travolta, and Secondhand Lions with Robert Duvall and Michael Caine.
  • Even in a major area like Williamson County, there are still four ghost towns. Among these are Gano, Corn Hill, and Friendship, a town that fought to live but was swallowed up by flooding that began with the San Gabriel Flooding in 1913. Another flood in 1921 came, and the final blow came in 1977, and a dam was built giving Friendship to the water.

Do I Need Health Insurance in Williamson County, TX?

For the 2024 Open Enrollment period, only five states carry an individual mandate to have health insurance. Living in Texas, you aren’t required to purchase health insurance to see a doctor or visit a health care facility. However, if you don’t have health insurance, you may face issues you may not have thought about.

  1. Healthcare costs.Having a membership card to a retail store gives you discounted prices for the items you purchase. Health insurance is somewhat the same. Insurance companies contract with medical facilities to provide care at a negotiated rate. When you decide not to carry health insurance, you will pay full price.
  2. Healthcare networks.Networks are a list of specialists and medical facilities provided by the insurance company. This is to ease the concern of searching on your own. Especially since seeking advanced medical care may burden an already stressful situation.
  3. Healthcare maintenance.Under the Affordable Care Act, preventive care services such as immunizations and well-checkups are free. When you choose not to carry health insurance, you must pay for these services out of pocket.

What are My Health Insurance Options in Williamson County, Texas?

There are many ways to find affordable health insurance. Individuals and families can purchase health coverage in Williamson County through the ACA Marketplace or directly from a health insurance company like Oscar Insurance. Each method has its benefits.

Affordable Care Act/Marketplace – The most common way to find individual health insurance is through the Marketplace. When signing up, you are given options available for you and your family. The Affordable Care Act website also informs you if you qualify for premium tax credits and subsidies like cost-sharing reductions. If you are unsure of how to sign up, you can contact the professionals at CoverMile, and we can assist you with enrollment.

Direct Purchase – When making a Direct Purchase, it is important to understand you will not be able to use ACA subsidies. If you believe you may qualify, apply through the Marketplace website before you begin insurance shopping. Also, insurance rates and plans available may vary when making a direct purchase from an insurance company.

Short-term Health Insurance If you only need insurance temporarily, Short-term insurance may be an option. For instance, you need insurance until your employer’s benefits package begins, if it’s too early for Open Enrollment and you don’t qualify for a Special Enrollment period, or if you are nearing Medicare. Short-term insurance covers an initial period of 364 days and can be renewed for an additional 24 months. Understand that Short-term health insurance has limitations. It does not cover preexisting conditions, maternity care, or prescription medication.

Types of InsuranceHealth insurance has three primary network types: HMOs, EPOs, and PPOs. The difference is the network structure. EPOs only allow you to visit doctors and facilities within their network. PPOs are the most lenient on which medical professionals you can see and when. BCBS of Texas, Aetna, and UnitedHealthcare are HMOs. Ambetter and Oscar are EPOs. When shopping for a plan, watch for out-of-network fees and restrictions.

Top Seven Health Insurance Companies in Williamson County, TX*

What a customer is willing to pay for their policy over time is one of the main details top insurance ratings evaluate. Health insurance shoppers then use reviews to consider which insurance companies are best and purchase based on this research.

To address this concern, we’ve rated the top companies available in Williamson County based on their 2024 rates compared to their 2023 rates. It is important to note that for 2024, the Marketplace overall benchmark premium increased 4 percent from 2023 to 2024. This matches the increase faced from 2022 to 2023.

  • Aetna – 14.94 % rate increase – Last year, Aetna had a significant decrease. This year, they top the list of insurance companies with an increase. Aetna is known for its $0 preventive care, 24/7 $0 Virtual Care, and in-network $0 walk-in clinics available seven days a week.
  • Ambetter – 4.39% rate increase. – While Ambetter does not offer a Bronze Metal tier, they offer an Adult Dental and Vision option with some EPO network plans. Other insurance companies only provide the ACA 10 Essential Benefits mandated Children’s Dental and Vision.
  • Baylor, Scott, and White – 1.8% rate increase Although having a rate increase for 2024, Baylor, Scott, and White has one of the lowest in the market. However, their coverage area is not as wide as other insurance carriers. They cover major cities such as Austin, Dallas, San Antonio, and surrounding areas.
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas – 0.24% rate decrease – Last year, BCBS of Texas saw a three percent increase. For 2024, a rate decrease is a welcome sight. They have more plans available than most insurers, giving customers options. They are also one of the few that are available nationwide.
  • Oscar – 3.39% rate increase. – In 2023, Oscar had a double-digit rate increase. This year, rates increased, but not as bad. Oscar Insurance offers benefits other companies lack. First is a $3 copay for prescriptions on some plans. Second, they offer $0 Virtual Specialist Visits. Most companies only include Virtual Visits for a Primary Care Physician.
  • UnitedHealthcare4.99 % rate increase.This year, UnitedHealthcare improved over last year’s 13.46 percent rate increase. UnitedHealthcare offers benefits that other companies on our list don’t. One is Short Term Insurance. If you are without insurance, it’s between Open Enrollment, and you don’t qualify for a Special Enrollment Period, UnitedHealthcare may be your only option.
  • Ascension (U.S. Health and Life) – 13.46 % rate increase. – 2023 was Ascension’s first year rated, so we do not have a comparison to 2022. US Health and Life offers plans that offer a zero-dollar premium with tax credits applied. Like Oscar, they offer zero-dollar Virtual PCP visits as well as zero-dollar Virtual Specialist visits.

Top Twelve Health Insurance Plans for Williamson County, TX*

Below, we’ve selected the best health insurance plans from each company for Williamson County, TX. They are in order of the cost of a standard Silver policy without Cost Saving reductions.

Insurance companyInsurance PlanCo-insuranceDeductibleOut-of-Pocket Max Copay PCP/ Specialist$0 Virtual Care PCPAdult Dental/ Vision
Baylor, Scott, and WhitePrime Silver HMO 00840%$3800/ $7600$7550/ $15100$25**/$35Fee AppliesNo
United HealthcareSilver-E Standard HMO40%$5700/ $11400$7200/ $14400$30/$60$30 CopayDental/ Vision as separate policies
BCBS of TexasMyBlue Health Silver 807 HMO40%$5700/ $11400$7200/ $14400$40/$80Fee AppliesDental/ Vision as separate policies
Aetna Aetna Silver S40%$5700/ $11400$7200/ $14400$40/ $80YesDental/ Vision as separate policies
United HealthcareUHC Silver-E Advantage+ HMO30%$2500 $5000$7100/ $14300$0/$100YesYes
US Health and LifeAscension Personalized Care Low Premium Silver50%$3500/ $7000$7250/ $14500$30/$60YesNo
US Health and LifeAscension Personalized Care No Deducible Silver40%$0/$0$7450/ $14900$30/$60YesNo
AmbetterComplete VALUE Silver HMO 40%$5000/ $10000$7550/ $15100$20/$50YesDental as separate policy
 OscarSimple PCP Saver EPO 25040% $4750/ $9500$7200/ $14400$20/$80YesDental as separate policy
OscarSilver Classic EPO40%$4300/ $8600$7000/ $14000$35/$80YesDental as separate policy
 BCBS Of Texas Blue Advantage Silver 801 HMO 40% $2500/ $5000$7550/ $15100$45/$80Fee AppliesDental/ Vision as separate policies
AmbetterComplete EPO Silver+ Vison+ Adult Dental40%$5000/ $10000$7500/ $10000$20/$50Cost sharing appliesYes

*In our review, we have listed seven health insurance companies. Other insurance providers may be available.

** No charge for the first two sick visits, $25 copayment per visit for subsequent visits in that plan year; deductible does not apply.

How to Enroll in Health Insurance in Williamsons County, TX?

The enrollment process isn’t much different whether you live in Dallas, El Paso, Corpus Christi, or Williamson Counties. Every county must follow Affordable Care Act standards.

When – The Affordable Care Act Open Enrollment begins on November 1st  and ends on January 15th. If you enroll by December 15th, your coverage begins on January 1st. If you wait and sign up between December 16th and January 15th, your health insurance will begin on February 1st.

The ACA also provides a Special Enrollment Period (SEP) where one can enroll anytime during the year. You qualify for a SEP when:

  • There is a change in your household. – This can include getting married or divorced, having a birth or adoption, or there is a death in the family.
  • You have a change in your residence. – If you move and change zip codes, this may require an insurance rate adjustment.
  • You have a change to your health coverage.When you or your spouse lose an employer-sponsored health plan or from an alternative source, you can apply for health insurance.

How – The easiest way to apply is on the Affordable Care Act website. The Marketplace guides you through entering your personal information and plan selections. It is quick and easy. The site will show you your insurance options as soon as you complete your application. You will also know if you qualify for tax subsidies and how they will apply toward your policy’s cost.

If you have any questions about searching for health insurance in Williamson County, TX, contact CoverMile. We can help you find the best coverage that fits your current situation and guide you through the sign-up process.

How to Find Doctors Near Me in Williamson County, TX?

You may be concerned if your Primary Care Physician is within your insurance company’s network. You can find out easily by visiting the insurance company’s website and searching for your doctor or the facility’s name to see if they are in-network or out-of-network.

The links below will take you to each provider’s website and directory. You can search by location, doctor’s name, and facility type. Each website is different, and some offer more information than others.

Blue Cross Blue Shield of TX

After entering your location, you can search Medical Care, Urgent Care, Behavior Health, and Cost Estimates. You can also search for pharmacy information, as well as for dental and Vision care.

Baylor, Scott, and White

You begin by selecting your plan type. Then, you can choose the type of specialty you are searching for or by your zip code. The search engine will show you all available doctors and facilities in that area based on the parameters you set up.


Once you select your plan, you can find Primary Care Providers (PCPs), hospitals, pharmacies, and urgent care centers in your area.


Enter your plan information and location, and you can find doctors and facilities in your area. You are also given the option to connect with Telehealth or to talk with a nurse directly.


Begin by selecting the type of provider you are searching for, then your plan type, and finally, the plan you are on. Then, you can search by doctor, facility, specialty, or condition. You can also view a cost estimate.


After providing your zip code and the search parameters, select your health plan. Then, you can search for doctors, facilities, and pharmacies in your selected area.

U.S. Health and Life

Find a doctor or facility based on your location, specialty, gender, or other preferences.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is health insurance expensive in Williamson County, TX?

    The average health insurance policy in Texas for 2024 is $479. The cost a person pays will vary depending on their age, family size, and factors such as plan selected, zip code, and tobacco use. You can save money on your premium if you qualify for tax credits and subsidies.

  2. Can I sign up for health insurance if I don’t have a job in Williamson County, TX?

    The Affordable Care Act has options for those who are unemployed. You can apply, and based on your income, you may qualify for tax subsidies and cost-sharing reductions. You may also be eligible for Medicaid or CHIPs if you have children in the home. Certain programs exist in Williamson County, such as CIHCP (County Indigent Health Care Program), that aid those who cannot afford health insurance and do not qualify for Medicaid.

  3. Can I sign up for Oscar Insurance in Willaimson County, TX?

    Yes, Oscar Insurance is available in Williamson County. You can purchase a policy through the Marketplace or visit their website and shop one of their off-marketplace plans. You can also contact CoverMile, and we can assist you with applying for coverage. Oscar Insurance is known for their $3 prescriptions on some plans and Virtual Urgent Care.

  4. Can I talk to a doctor after hours in Williamson County, TX?

    When you need to see a doctor, and it is not a medical emergency, you can talk to a doctor after hours through Telehealth services. Medical professionals are available 24/7. All you need is your phone or computer. You answer brief medical questions and are connected to a doctor. Some companies require a small copay, while others offer this service with a zero-dollar copay.

  5. Is health insurance mandatory in Williamson County, TX?

    There is no longer a federal mandate in the state of Texas. Nor are there any tax penalties for not carrying insurance. However, if you do not purchase health insurance during Open Enrollment from November 1 through January 15th, you will pay more for your health care and out-of-pocket for routine health care such as immunizations and well-checkups.

  6. What happens if I miss the ACA Open Enrollment period in Williamson County, TX?

    The Affordable Care Act Open Enrollment begins on November 1st and continues through January 15th. If you miss the second chance Jan 15th deadline, you must either find a job with benefits or have a qualifying event to enroll in a Marketplace plan. A Special Enrollment Period can include getting married, recently losing a job that provided benefits, or adding a child to your family through birth or adoption.

  7. Is Blue Cross Blue Shield good insurance in Williamson County, TX?

    In Williamson County, TX, insurance shoppers have access to nine health insurance providers. Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas, UnitedHealthcare, and Aetna are just a handful. Blue Cross Blue Shield is one of the only insurance companies that is available statewide. This year, they have had a premium decrease, and they also have Dental and Vision options. Contact CoverMile if you have any questions about coverage or how to apply.

  8. Am I able to get Dental or Vision Insurance in Williamson County, TX?

    Children’s Dental and Vision services are available on all health insurance plans due to the ACA 10 Essential Benefits but are limited. However, adults are excluded. Ambetter and UnitedHealthcare offer Adult Dental and Vision on select plans. Most other companies offer benefits, like Blue Cross Blue Shield, but it is sold as a separate policy. Visit their website for more information.