Health Insurance Plans in Kent County, Texas, 2024

While we are not talking about Clark or Smallville, we are speaking about a Kent and small county. Kent County is the sixth least populated County in Texas. It does have famous roots, as you will discover as you read through our insurance review. This bottom of the panhandle county has health coverage options for you and your family. Our insurance team aims to help you find the best policy and not be stranded looking for the next train to come through town or looking to the sky for the caped crusader.

CoverMile helps individuals and families find the best health insurance at the lowest prices. With subsidies, you can find coverage in Kent County for as low as $0 per month. Read on, and we can show you how.

Health Insurance Facts for 2023 in Kent County, Texas

Shopping for health insurance in Texas is unique; we have the highest uninsured rate, with 22.1 percent of residents without insurance. The state has held this position since the program’s implementation. Texas also has the country’s second largest federal exchange enrollment, with 2.4 million for 2023. Only Florida saw more signing up.

Here are additional facts about health insurance in Texas.

  • According to a U.S. Census estimate, Kent County’s population is 740. Of that total, 14.1 percent are uninsured.
  • By gender, of those insured, 39.4 percent were men, and 60.6 percent were female.
  • Currently, through the ACA, Eighty-seven percent of Texas insurance shoppers, on average, have access to three or more companies in 2023. Kent County currently has access to three insurance providers.
  • Ninety-six percent of Kent County has health coverage. 56.5 percent obtain it with their employer, while 9.47 percent are through non-group plans. 24.9 percent have Medicare insurance, 4.58 percent have insurance through Medicaid, and less than one percent are through the V.A. or military.
  • Overall, Fifty-nine percent of the country has access to coverage through a national insurer; these include companies like Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas, which is available in every state.
  • In Texas, the average cost of a Silver metal health insurance plan without subsidies is $454.

Here are a few fun facts about the tiny County itself:

  • Kent County is a dry county, one of the five remaining in Texas.
  • Train traffic ran through the County until the mid-sixties. A line came down through the northern town of Spur in Dickens County and Jayton in Kent County. But once it ended, train horns were no longer heard in either neighborhood.
  • The Kent County jail in Clairemont was labeled one of the most difficult to escape with no successful attempts.
  • The Double Mountain Fork Brazos River winds its way through Kent County. The 170-mile stream begins near Tahoka, TX, in Lynn County, ends in Haskell, TX in Haskell County, and drains into the Brazos River.
  • The town of Jayton in Kent County is mentioned in the movie “Hell or High Water.” The movie stars Chris Pine and Jeff Bridges.
  • Kent County has one ghost town: Clairmont, once the county seat. The town’s population declined due to the lack of a rail station, and the seat moved to Jayton.

Do I Need Health Insurance in Kent County, TX?

As of 2019, the federal mandate to carry health insurance no longer exists. Only a handful of states have an individual mandate; Texas is not one of them. However, if you decide not to have health insurance, even in a small county such as Kent, you may discover issues you have not considered.

  1. Healthcare costs.Having health insurance is similar to having a membership to a retail store. When you show your card at the register, you receive a discount. Insurance companies contract with medical providers to treat individuals at a negotiated rate. When you visit a doctor or medical facility and don’t have health insurance, you pay full price for your health care.
  2. Healthcare networks.After receiving medical care from your Primary Care Physician, they may suggest that you receive additional treatment. Health insurance provides a network of doctors and facilities to help you receive that treatment quicker and ease worries, especially since looking for a specialist or advanced care facility on your own may add to an already stressful situation.
  3. Healthcare maintenance.When you have health insurance, your plan provides free preventive care. This is due to the Affordable Care Act mandates. When you do not have health insurance, you must pay for these services out of pocket.

What are My Health Insurance Options in Kent County, Texas?

You can purchase health insurance for Individuals and families through the Marketplace or directly from a health insurance company in Kent County. Each option has its benefits.

Affordable Care Act/Marketplace – When shopping for insurance through the Marketplace, you can search for a plan based on your family size and how much money you make yearly. This will let you see if you qualify for premium tax credits and subsidies like cost-sharing reductions.

Direct Purchase – Before you make a direct purchase from a health insurance website, it is wise to see if you qualify for tax credits and subsidies through the marketplace. If you do, you can save money; if not, you still have your option for a direct purchase from a health insurance provider. In some cases, like with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas, you may have additional plan options only available on the insurance company’s website.

Short-term Health Insurance– If you are looking for health insurance that provides coverage until either November’s Open Enrollment period or your employer’s benefit package begins, then Short-term Health Insurance may work for you. Short-term Health Insurance covers an initial period of 364 days and can be renewed for an additional 24 months. Keep in mind Short Term Health Insurance has limits. It does not cover preexisting conditions, maternity care, or prescription medication.

Types of InsuranceThe primary three health insurance networks are HMOs, EPOs, and PPOs. Some insurance companies offer multiple network options, whether through the Marketplace or a direct purchase. Keep your doctor in mind when shopping. They must be within the plan’s network for them to be covered. If they are not, you can incur out-of-network fees.

Top Health Insurance Companies with the Highest Star Ratings in Kent County, TX

One of the things top insurance ratings deal with is how much a customer will pay for their policy over time. Shoppers for health insurance review which insurance company is best and purchase based on that research.

When considering insurance rates, you may ask these three questions:

  • How much will my premium be?
  • How much has this company charged their customers in the past?
  • How much will my premiums be when I renew my policy?

To address these concerns, we’ve rated the top companies available in Kent County based on their 2023 rates compared to 2022 rates.

  • Baylor, Scott, and White– 1.7% increase – Although having a rise in 2023, Baylor, Scott, and White had one of the lowest price increases in the market. However, they do not have as wide of a coverage area as other insurance carriers. They cover major cities such as Austin, Dallas, San Antonio, and surrounding areas.
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas 3.42% increase – Although BCBS of Texas has seen a premium increase this year, they continue to prove they are a strong and reliable insurance company. They have more plans available than other providers. They also offer coverage to the entire state of Texas.

Top Health Insurance Plans for Kent County, TX

Below, we have listed the best insurance plans for Kent County, TX. We’ve outlined them in order of premium for a standard policy without Cost Sharing Reductions. In addition to Silver, we have included Bronze and Gold plans. However, understand that only Silver metal plans offer Cost Sharing Reductions. 

Insurance companyInsurance PlanCo-insuranceDeductibleOut-of-Pocket Max Copay PCP/ Specialist$0 Virtual Care PCPAdult Dental/ Vision
Baylor, Scott, and WhiteElite Gold HMO 01220%$1500/ $3000$9100/$18200$0/$60Fee AppliesNo
Baylor, Scott, and WhitePrime Silver HMO 00840%$3400/ $6800$7250/$14500$30/$70*Fee AppliesNo
BCBS of TexasBlue Advantage Gold 603 HMO40%$1500/ $4500$5000/ $10000$45/40%Fee AppliesDental/ Vision as separate policies
Baylor, Scott, and WhitePrime Silver HMO 00510%$0/$0$7250/$14500$45/$85**Fee AppliesNo
BCBS of TexasBlue Advantage Silver 205 HMO50%$1500/ $4500$7250/$14500$15/50%Fee AppliesDental Vision as separate policies
BCBS of Texas Blue Advantage Silver 705 HMO 40%$5700/ $11400$7200/$14400$30/$60Fee AppliesDental/Vision as separate policies

*Adults: No charge for the first two sick visits. Copay thereafter. Children: No copay charge.

**Adults: No charge for first sick visit. Copay thereafter.

How to Enroll in Health Insurance in Kent County, TX?

Whether you live in Kent, Orange, Kennedy, or El Paso Counties, there aren’t many differences in how you enroll. All insurance companies are bound by Affordable Care Act standards.

When Affordable Care Act Open Enrollment begins on November 1st and ends December 31st. Your coverage will start on January 1st. You can also enroll until January 15th. This late enrollment period will give you a start date of February 1st.

You may also enroll if you qualify for a Special Enrollment Period (SEP). You are eligible to enroll at any time under a SEP when:

  • You have a change in your household. – If you get married or divorced; add a family member through birth or adoption; or if there is a death in the family.
  • You have a change of residence. – When you move into a new zip code, however, this can also cause your insurance rate to change.
  • You experience a change in your health coverage. – If you lose your employer-sponsored health insurance or benefit plan through an alternative source, you can apply for ACA health insurance.

How – The easiest way to apply for health coverage is through the ACA Marketplace. The website guides you through the process. After you complete your application, you can select your plan and see if you qualify for tax subsidies.  

If you have questions about health insurance in Kent County, contact CoverMile. We’re happy to assist you with finding the best coverage for you and your family and guide you through the sign-up process.

How to Find Doctors Near Me in Kent County, TX

You don’t need superpowers to find a doctor when you live in Kent County. You may even have a Primary Care Physician (PCP) already. But you may wonder if your doctor will be covered under your health insurance plan. It is simple to find answers. The best way is to search for your doctor’s name on your insurance provider’s website. This will let you know if they are in or out of network.

Below are the links that will take you to each provider’s website. Their medical directory allows you to search by location, doctor’s name, and facility type. 

Baylor, Scott, and White

You begin by selecting your plan type. Then, you can choose the type of specialty you are searching for, then your zip code. The search engine will show you all available doctors and facilities in that area based on the parameters you set up.

Blue Cross Blue Shield of TX

After entering your location, you can search Medical Care, Urgent Care, Behavior Health, and Cost Estimates. You can also search for pharmacy information, as well as for Dental and Vision care.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How much does a doctor’s office visit cost in Kent County, TX?

    A doctor’s office visit will depend on your health insurance plan. It can range from a $0 to $60 copay or more in some cases if you have a High Deductible Health Plan to where you do not have an office visit copay and must pay out of pocket until you meet a deductible. Also, if you do not have health insurance, a doctor’s visit can run into the hundreds of dollars. Especially if is more than just an office visit. Tests and other treatments are added costs.

  2. Can I sign up for both Affordable Care Act health insurance and my employer’s health insurance plan in Kent County, TX?

    No. While you are able to have dual coverage, Marketplace insurance cannot be one of the insurance plans. The Affordable Care Act insurance was designed to assist those whose employer did not offer health insurance benefits. However, if your employer’s insurance is deemed unaffordable, you can obtain a waiver and purchase an ACA policy as your primary insurance provider.

  3. Can I sign up for Oscar Insurance in Kent County, TX?

    Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas and Baylor, Scott, and White are available in Kent County. However, Oscar Insurance is not available through the ACA Marketplace or sold on the open market through the company’s website.

  4. Can I use my health insurance if I travel outside Kent County, TX?

    Your insurance company will cover your expenses when you travel and need to see a doctor or are injured and hospitalized. However, if you are simply seeing a doctor out of choice, your visit will be charged the out-of-network rate. When you travel to another country, even Mexico, you must contact BCBS before you seek emergency treatment, or you may not be covered. To help you, you should contact your insurance company before you make your trip.

  5. Can I talk to a doctor after hours in Kent County, TX?

    If you need to see a doctor in a non-emergency situation, you can contact a doctor through an insurance program’s telehealth program. Most offer services after hours, 24/7. All you need is your phone or computer. You usually answer a few medical questions and are connected to a medical professional. It may require a small copay.

  6. Is health insurance mandatory in Kent County, TX?

    There is no longer a federal mandate to carry health insurance in Kent County or any Texas county. However, if you choose not to have health insurance, you will pay more for your doctor’s visits and treatment. This includes preventive care like well checkups. If you need help understanding which plan may be best for you, contact our insurance professionals at CoverMile. We will be happy to help you through the sign-up process.

  7. Am I able to get Dental or Vision Insurance in Kent County, TX?

    Under the Affordable Care Act 10 Essential Benefits, all plans carry limited dental and Vision benefits. However, these services are only extended to children. Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas offers a Dental and Vision benefit, this includes both children and adults, but it is separate from its health insurance plan. Visit their website for more information.